Jun 30th, 2022

Best Practices

Embrace the Unknown

  Written by: Sandy Moua, IT Support Engineer

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I became a mom at the end of 2020. That’s when my definition of flexibility was redefined. It was no longer something I just thought about occasionally, it became an everyday practice. I’ve learned that in order to maintain flexibility in all aspects of my life I need to create healthy boundaries, anticipate change, and embrace the unknown.

Creating healthy boundaries is just the first step in obtaining and retaining flexibility. Prior to having my daughter, my job had become increasingly demanding. I had no balance between my work life and personal life, and any variation in my tightly packed schedule would send me into a tailspin. I decided to take an Adam Grant assessment which determines whether you are a giver, taker, or matcher. I scored highly as a giver which made sense given my fondness for helping others. However, the downside is that givers are also known for how easily they burnout. Guidance from this assessment helped me realize that boundaries are a necessity for me. They allow me to identify when I’m overextending myself and manage expectations before things get out of hand. I get to continue helping others while still accomplishing my own personal goals.

My 20-month-old has taught me to never get too comfortable with any routine because at the drop of a hat that routine may change. It’s ok to not always know what to do when faced with unexpected changes, but we must anticipate them and be prepared to go with the flow. With enough practice, change becomes fun and a great way to challenge personal growth.

The biggest change I’ve dealt with recently has been settling into my new role here at Clientek. All new jobs come with an abundance of unknowns, and it is up to us to find the best way to navigate them. There is no way of avoiding that feeling of being the “newbie” or not fully understanding your role, but there is always a way to embrace the mystery.

Having only been here a few months, I’ve been surprised by how well I’ve adapted to this new environment. Looking back, I realize there have been a multitude of experiences that have led me to feeling this way. Every team member has been welcoming since day one and continued to be. Anita, our Director of HR and I quickly became friends as I assisted her in executing a prank on two of our team member’s which resulted in a weeklong investigation. And I’ve also found some time to make mistakes along the way. Without going into too much detail, one incident involved a burning computer… At one point during that occurrence the thought of being let go ran through my mind. Instead, Kirk, our CEO, gave me an old-school fire horn to use for future potential office fires. It’s moments like these that makes me realize that I should never be afraid to embrace the unknown.

Flexibility is difficult to sustain, but identifying the tools that will allow you to navigate change is a perfect place to start.